A #tbt before today ends !(Left photo) Happy birthday @3cialmanzor, where we were too crazy at the Xmas party !!! And wishing my other girl @shielamariee a Happy belated birthday, since hers was last Thursday. A great pic of us where it looks like I’m choking her LOL! 😄 #guesswho’snextthursday #augustbabies #blueteam #lovethesegirls #happybirthdaytoallmyotherfriendstoday

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Cyber Ops Yasuo & Final Boss Veigar Splash art

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Happy 2014 abundant with health, blessings, happiness, harmony, work and love!

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One more 4 in the morning Aram before bed with Nathan! And I got a Penta Kill With Swainn Woot Woot!! Normally I dont really go crazy when I get Penta kills but it felt good crushing the enemy team because they were annoying!! Hahah so I’m really content and should go to bed now because its late and I’m Happy!


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If you bite my neck, you’re 100% likely to get me horny. (;

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So the other day Dj and I decided to go hiking at one of the giant parks we’ve always gone to since we were kids. I was trying to get my calf and gluts in shape by running up hill. Well Dj decided to take a path I’ve never been on. 

  As we were talking about something, Dj grabbed me and stopped me from walking any closer to this Freaken long Snake blocking our path! I’m not sure what kind of snake this is but I wasnt going to get any closer to find out. We were worried because he didnt move, it just stood still so naturally we ran back haha

First time that we encountered a snake in these parks even though there are signs all over the place! Thats the second time Dj had to stop me! The first time was a few weeks ago when i was walking right into a Tarantula!! Im blind I swear! I hope we dont run into any mountain lion/bobcats because there are caution signs all over of those animals.

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when ur crush likes someone else but u still wanna be cool and happy for themimage

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So I had the urge to watch the battle between Erika and Ash! Just because I’ve always loved Weepinbell(even though he gets owned) and Gloom plus Erika was my favorite gym leader. 

And I found it on youtube pero like it dubbed in Spanish but I dont care. I love this battle  XD

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Just want to Jump in bed and Slap the booty

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Its 4:32am

And I want to follow some blogs but not just any blogs. I want some that are deep, cool, personal, and fun. (I have no idea what im saying)

I know I post pictures and do litle talk chat about things but I shall try my best to be more expressive xD

I think its the vino thats making me want to go on this quest for new followers and friends 


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League of Legends | The Ladies of League re-done | A - K

Our beautiful girls and their roles(primary)

Follow and request more!

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When the enemy mid lane comes bot.

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Selfie! I was bored at the train station yesterday.

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